Art Prints

My most recent work is displayed above.

Each image is designed to help you carry inspiration with you by giving you a clear visual reminder in your daily life.

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Can the meaning of an artwork be personal?

One of the benefits of abstract art is that you can bring your own story to the art. Any personal memory or feeling that resonates with the artwork shapes what it means to you.

Feel free to share your story with me. I love to hear the unique messages others find in my work.

Frame your inspiration!

  • Choose art that inspires you.
  • Displaying an artwork that reminds you of an insight or goal will help you create new mental habits.
  • Art is a mirror that reflects your heart.
  • You can easily purchase prints, cards, and gifts online. Visit my store for a wider selection.

How can my art help you?

Art is a natural and effective way to keep a teacher and their core ideas in front of anyone who desires to remember and apply what they learned.

Collect my illustrations of beautiful thoughts shared by inspirational leaders, both written and spoken, to help you remember to practice new habits and perspectives.
I love helping you illustrate and remember the inner truths, insights, and experiences you treasure.
When applicable, you will discover who inspired an artwork and a brief summary of their idea or story at my blog or on facebook.

When purchasing an inspirational artwork for someone else, remember to write or speak the story you hope they will associate with it.

Your intention is a vital part of any gift you give.

Art & Inspirational Coaching:

  • If you feel stuck and want to find your way out of the confines of culture and habit, try a free Inspirational Coaching session to see what coaching is about and how I can support you.
  • As we talk, you will gain clarity on what is most important to you right now and how to move naturally in alignment with what inspires you.
  • I can also help you discern what resonates with you in art so you can go on to select art from my collections or by other artists that is personally meaningful for you.
  • I’m developing my art with the goal of refining the intuitive development of every line through personal conversation over time. After our final session, you will have a visual representation of the inner beauty, growth, and insight that you choose to carry forward from our coaching sessions.